Remember the Zii platform shown by the folks of Creative back at CES 2009? This HD-capable system took the shape of a smartphone reference design in December 2009 and little news about the project has surfaced since then. Meanwhile, Creative added a bunch of new peripherals to the design, including a development kit with support for 3G modules.


Apparently, Android customization for Zii will be completed in March 2010, or so claims an inside source. If you’re wondering about the peripherals, these are the Zii Dock, Zii AV Cable and a new Zii Development Kit, the latter based on detachable modules. These include 3G modules, a dual camera (VGA and 3 megapixel), a 3.5 inch HVGA capacitive touch display and many others.

A partner of Creative’s for this initiative is Intrinsyc, who recently announced Android RapidRIL support for the ZiiLABS cellular platforms. Will we a real device resulting from this project, maybe launched till summer kicks in?

[via slashgear]

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