An UK manufacturer of handsets with simplified usage pattern has released a new phone that caters to the needs of people with sight problems. This Braille phone is shown below and will be priced at 60 quid in the UK.



The name is OwnFone and the company behind it will customize the product depending on the users’ need. This device’s external case will be 3D printed and the inventor behind it has claimed that the 3D printing of the front and back of the device will keep the cost down. The OwnFone device can be personalized with 2 or 4 Braille buttons, that are preprogrammed to call friends, family and other relations.

This is actually the first phone to get a 3D printed keypad and for people who don’t read Braille, the maker can print texture and raise the text on the phone. The 3D phone printing process is still patent pending, apparently. Finally, a device that doesn’t have gimmicks, just useful features…

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