Mozilla has just released the Release Candidate 1 (RC1) version of its mobile browser, Fennec, but only for Maemo devices. This means that if you own a Nokia N900 or Nokia 810, you’re a lucky gal or fellow, since you’ll be able to mess with Firefox for Maemo.


Firefox for mobile comes with a bunch of nice features, among which there’s the Awesome Bar, plus the Password Manager, but also tabbed browsing and location-based browsing. One-touch bookmarking is also on the list, together with desktop syncing and add-ons for an extra bit of customization and personalization.

Version RC1 improves some of the aspects of previous Fennec releases, like text rendering and it also solves a couple of N900-specific bugs. You can download this version of Fennec from here and know that if you’re already playing with the beta, you’ll get your upgrade soon.

[via Unwired View]

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