Adobe just made one solid promise and it will definitely keep its word, like any respectable developer. Flash 10 will be out and ready to make a perfect match with Windows Mobile.



Officially, Adobe announces that “We will be showing the first delivery of Flash on mobile phones, on other platforms. You will see it on Windows Mobile. Microsoft, if you recall, was also early to adopt Flash Lite for Windows Mobile, despite its parallel development of Flash-competitor Silverlight. So it’s not too surprising that it would be the first to run Flash 10 on Windows Mobile.”

Until now, mobile phone users were limited to access only a few websites from their handsets, since they required evolved software, such as Flash 9 at least. Things should change in the near future, now that Adobe will make available the latest fersion of their software.

All this should happen in the second half of next year. Until then, there is nothing left to do but wait and refresh the websites until they finally work.

[via: msmobiles]

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