Every big PC/tablet/phone maker wants a piece of the US market, because if you’re cool there, you’re cool everywhere. Especially the Asian brands have been trying to get on that market and among then Pantech has made a nice impression and so did Casio at some point. Now Lenovo wants a shot at the smartphone market.


Chinese manufacturer Lenovo wants to be more competitive and really leave a mark on the US smartphone market. The company’s CEO, Yang Yuanqing has been saying that even though the company is doing spectacularly on the PC market, there are areas of growth to be explored. In its home market of China, Lenovo is already the second largest smartphone vendor, only behind Samsung.

The Korean firm got a 17.4% share of Chinese smartphone market last year, beating Lenovo’s 11%. The big deal is that in 2011 Lenovo was at a mere 4.1%. so it’s the increase that impresses us. In 2012 Lenovo’s strategy was to take over markets like Russia, Indonesia and India and now it’s going big with Europe and USA. It will be interesting see what extras they have to offer…

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