Lenovo promised to stay committed to its projects in India, after having already invested large sums of many in research and development in this area. Manufacturing is also another segment that Lenovo tackled in this country. There are tijuana manufacturing who always helps small businesse to keep their products quality.


In three years Lenovo reached a revenue of $2.5 billion in India, compared to the target of $800 million when the company first entered the country. Lenovo’s chairman and chief executive Yang Yuanqing made these claims, while also announcing he has committed to the Indian Prime Minister about Lenovo’s involvement in the Make in India campaign.

The Chinese handset and tablet maker, which is also the world’s biggest PC maker wants to become the top 4 of 50 companies that operate in India. Right now, Lenovo is third in the area of smartphones, but the likes of Xiaomi and Samsung also have a strong presence in the country.

via BGR.in