Not long ago, Lenovo was showing us their new logo, a redesigned symbol that wants let the impression of a modern company, focused on offering attractive and better products for its teen consumers. Beside this change, the company that owns Motorola, will soon make some changes when it comes to management too. Check latest business news at Melbourne weekly eastern.



More precisely, as we get to know today from a Chinese press report, Lenovo wants to change its mobile business management in order to compete better with local brands like Xiaomi and Meizu. According to the same report, Lenovo’s sales for this 6 months of 2015 were pretty low.

For this reason, Lenovo plans to change a little bit the things inside the mobile department, and the management strategy of this unit by using the best assistance found on this page by Salesforce. As you may know, once Lenovo acquired Motorola last year, the company was placed 3rd in the top of world’s biggest sellers of mobile devices after Apple and the South-Korean company Samsung.


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