After previewing Nokia N97 Mini, the lucky guys over at Mobile Review have managed to score a LG BL40 Chocolate Touch unit and reviewed it. The device is pretty hot, but not as hot as we imagined it to be, specially because of its format and design.



The 21:9 display is impressive, as it the S-Class UI, but the dimensions of the phone are a real issue. We’re dealing with a huge handset, over 5 inches tall, so you’ll need a purse to carry it around, since it’ll surely make you feel uncomfortable if you wear it in your pocket.

Also, the price of LG BL40 might not make it very appealing ($795), but back to the nasty form factor, the width of the phone is also on issue, specially in landscape mode. When using the QWERTY keyboard in this mode, you’ll only have one line of text to work with, since the virtual keyboard takes up almost all of the screen.

Last, we learn that display quality is nowhere near Samsung’s AMOLED units, so all in all the new LG Chocolate phone is “pretty OK”…

[via Engadget Mobile]

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