LG Chocolate BL40 is one of the longest devices in history and it comes with a commercial to match its hotness, available in the video below. Witness the evolution of the caveman, up to the sci-fi modern man of the future, done via the new Chocolate:


As if this cool spot wasn’t enough, LG also went out and announced a campaign that requires the customers worldwide to hand over 5 old Chocolate handsets with special serial numbers. These serials are available below and LG promised to award $10,000 to the 5 lucky guys or gals to find these devices laying around.

In case you didn’t know, LG sold 21 million Chocolate phones till now, many of which have probably been already retired or recycled, so searching for the 5 handsets will be more difficult than it seems.

* 802KPAE821224
* 803KPBF578597
* 803KPXV578330
* 803KPVH578503
* 803KPJP923836

[via mobilecrunch]

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