Motorola i9 was famous for being one of the few nice-looking iDEN handsets, that, according to the latest news will arrive on Sprint soon. It’ll be known as Moto Stature i9 and we have to remind you that this hot phone is only 15 mm thick and packing two large displays (2.2 inch main one and 2 inch secondary one).


Motorola Stature i9 also features a built-in GPS, a 3 megapixel camera with autofocus and flash and a microSD card slot. The device uses the famous ModeShift technology, that will change the look of the exterior keys and their illumination according to the mode you’re using the phone on.

i9 will be available through Boost Mobile for $299 without contract, by the end of this month and it’ll arrive on Sprint afterwards for $199 with a two year contract and a $50 mail in rebate.

[via phonearena]