There are a bunch of rumors concerning LG’s plans for this year. One of them states that the manufacturer has in the works and ready to be announced a new smartphone, branded the LG Optimus G2. Another states that the manufacturer was also chosen to make the Nexus 5 for Google.



@eveleaks has scored an image of an unknown LG device that might as well be the G2, Nexus 5 or a totally different approach. In any case the smartphone seems to support a very large display, over 5-inches if I had to guess. Another aspect to be noticed is the very thin bezel, along with the lack of any capacitive buttons on the front side.

Judging the entire image of the device we can’t help but notice this is not your typical LG smartphone. The design for the earpiece seems different but attractive and there are the usual sensors up top. Should this be the Nexus 5 made for Google it seems a bit to early to already have a design ready. On the other side, the manufacturer could be getting ready to announce a new breed of its smartphones.

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