Nokia is expected to unveil at least one new high end smartphone at Mobile World Congress, an event that starts in about two weeks in Barcelona. This is the biggest tech show of the year, so it’s bound to contain some novelty. It will take place in Barcelona and span from February 27th to March 1st.


The info about the new Nokia high end device comes from Forbes, quoting insiders from the industry. Nokia’s MWC presentations will show us what to expect in 2012 and I’m sure that their next big thing will be related to Windows Phone or maybe even Windows 8 if it’s a tablet. Like all major companies in this playing field, Nokia is tight lipped about what they’ll announce in Barcelona. Forbes also says that a partner of Nokia’s was the one announcing the product that will come at MWC 2012, while also saying it will run “an unusual software feature”, that’s usually found on high end smartphones.

Could it be a new type of LTE device specifically created for Europe? Or maybe it will have a 720p display? Many have said that we’re to expect here the Nokia Lumia 910, an European version of the Lumia 900 with a 12 megapixel camera and HSPA+ connectivity. If you want the clear details, know that Nokia’s press conference will take place on February 27th in the morning. Keep in mind that we could also witness the launch of a hot new Symbian phone with a camera that will make it the successor of the N8 model.

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