The Wall Street Journal brings us an exquisite piece of news related to the long rumoured PSP Phone and a possible tablet made by Sony. Apparently, the Japanese company wants to launch an iPad rival and a device that’ll compete with the gaming capabilities of Windows Phone 7 Series handsets.


Sony’s reportedly developing a portable multimedia device, complete with online services and packing netbook, e-reader and gaming functionality. There’s also a brand new Sony Online Service scheduled for debut in 2010, providing music, television episodes, movies and games, all of those on the new devices.

Most of the games will be recycled PlayStation titles, that’ll most likely be playable on that rumoured PSP Phone we’ve seen so many times pictured as a concept. This gaming phone will be developed in cooperation with Sony Ericsson and after 3 years of rumours concerning this tech unicorn, we’re very suspicious… Could it be real this time?

[via BGR]

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