It’s been all Apple rumours these days and this time we learn via Mashable, that Apple is testing a Verizon iPhone version with support for LTE 4G connectivity. LTE is the following generation of connectivity, following the 3G one and it should greatly increase the speed of data service and the capacity of current networks.



You might also want to know that three major US mobile operators are planning on using this connectivity standard in the following years. Last we heard, Verizon was getting ready to launch LTE services in 2010 and also, there’s that story regarding the end of iPhone’s exclusivity on AT&T and the possibility of it going for sale on Verizon afterwards.

Plus, we have the case of the missing “4G iPhone prototype” from Foxconn, Apple’s manufacturing partner in China, followed by the suicide of the employee who “borrowed” it, so there’s probably a 4G unit out there in the making. The real question is: will AT&T and Verizon both be selling the phone at the same time? Also, how will the Verizon 4G iPhone go with the freshly announced Google-related plans of the carrier?

[via Unwired View]

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