The lucky folks who picked up an AT&T Pure handset during this weekend are now able to mess with Windows Marketplace on their handset. In case you didn’t know, HTC Pure runs Windows Mobile 6.5, even before the slew of handsets coming tomorrow. WM 6.5 marks the beginning of the focus on user friendliness and less on business features.



It’s true and common knowledge that Microsoft is most likely to fall behind Google and Apple on the mobile market, if they continue to focus on the business side of things, also handled pretty well by BlackBerries. Now, the Microsoft hotshots will want to focus on richer experiences, via touchscreen interfaces and a connection to a new mobile marketplace, that should at some point rival the AppStore.

Developers should also be drawn towards this new initiative, since there’s a strong incentive for them and better visibility via the Windows Marketplace. However, one might consider Windows Mobile 6.5 a test before the REAL thing gets launched and we mean Windows Mobile 7 and the revamp of everything we knew as far as WM is concerned.

[via Engadget Mobile and]

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