The Wall Street Journal has recently confirmed that Microsoft will introduce its new mobile OS on Monday, February 15th during Mobile World Conference, in Barcelona. It’s very likely that the announcement will be made during Steve Ballmer’s Windows Phone conference, taking place at 3pm local time.


WSJ also claims that Windows Phone 7 will come with a new UI, resembling the one on Zune, confirming what we’ve previously heard about this platform. Also, the new Windows Mobile will fix the mistakes of previous collaborations with OEMs, so Microsoft will work more closely with those firms.

This time, Microsoft will get more involved in hardware design, trying to limit the variation of devices in order to make it easier for developers to write software that runs well on them. We’re pretty curious to see what else Steve Ballmer has to show us, maybe that rumoured Zune Phone from Project Pink?

[via Gizmodo]

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