LG Optimus Black, one of thinnest smartphones out there (and brightest thanks to the NOVA display) was just spotted running Windows Phone 7. This could still be a different model, or truly the Optimus Black with a customized port of the Microsoft platform.

As you can see, the handset comes with the same chassis as the Android device, remind us of that Galaxy S II lookalike with WP7 Mango from the other day. The thing is that changes of a port in this case are slim, considering the LG Optimus Black features a TI OMAP chipset, while Windows Phone 7 units rely on Snapdragon chips.

In order for developers to pass this handicap, it would require a lot of work from them. I have to say that with the recent sighting of the Samsung, ZTE, Fujitsu and Acer Mango OS handsets, Fall can’t come soon enough and bring the latest version of Windows Phone with it… LG Optimus 7 was a great phone and maybe this is meant as its follow-up.

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